We are fully booked for this year and look forward to receiving new bookings towards the end of the year. Many thanks for your trust in us, for which we are very grateful.

Start your day right,
 Start your day with Breakfastbyadutch!

"Breakfastbyadutch" is a breakfast catering service reaching all areas of Mallorca

For those on holiday, after a party, with friends or family, for big and small groups, or just because. As sometimes, a delicious breakfast doesn't need a special occasion! Breakfastbyadutch comes prepared to your own kitchen, where you can roll out of bed and let yourself be spoiled first thing in the morning.

With us, no wish remains unfulfilled, contact our team directly with any questions!

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Our Menus

healthy, nutritious, with vegan and vegetarian options

The Full Dutch 

  1. Fresh Orange Juice
  2. Detox water
  3. Selection of fresh breads & pastries
  4. Selection of cheese, meat and sweet spreads
  5. Eggs prepared to your liking with bacon
  6. (Optional: Avocado, smoked salmon)
  7. Greek yoghurt with homemade granola
  8. Normal or banana pancakes
  9. Seasonal fruit Salad

      16,50€ per person

The Veggie Brekky 

  1. Fresh Orange Juice
  2. Detox water
  3. Selection of fresh breads & pastries
  4. Selection of cheese, vegetarian meats and sweet spreads
  5. Eggs prepared to your liking with fresh herbs
  6. (Optional: Avocado)
  7. Spanish Coca (Mallorquin bread with vegetables)
  8. Greek yoghurt with homemade granola
  9. Normal or banana pancakes
  10. Seasonal fruit salad

    17,50€ per person 


(the pictures do not represent the delivered breakfast)

* We offer personalized solutions for all private inquiries, and eagerly anticipate catering to your unique needs in order to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

In Vegan Heaven 

  1. Fresh Orange Juice
  2. Detox water
  3. Green Smoothie
  4. Coconut yoghurt with homemade granola
  5. Selection of breads
  6. Selection of vegan cheese, meats and sweet spreads
  7. Vegan banana pancakes
  8. Overnight oats with fruit
  9. Seasonal fruit salad
  10. *Extra ingredients at request

    19,50€ per person

Specials at request

For further suggestions we are of course always open
  1. Mimosa’s 
  2. Ginger shots
  3. Fresh juices and/or smoothies 
  4. Croissant filled with scrambled eggs, avocado, smoked salmon and rocket 
  5. French toast 
  6. Sweet and savory ready made breads with a selection of different toppings 
  7. Tofu Scramble
  8. Vegan or normal waffles 

Choose your service & delivery style 

*Travel costs based off of location. 


Package drop-off, 
(Pay for chosen menu and travel costs) 


Breakfast layout and presentation,
 (Pay for chosen menu, travel costs and 1 hour of work)


Breakfast layout, chef presence, and cleaning service. 
(Pay for chosen menu, travel costs, hours spent and cleaning service) 


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